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Engraving/Monogramming Styles and Information

Engraving & Personalization Information

All gifts can be personalized with any of the following information: Names, Initials, Dates, etc. We will use provided date formats or (if necessary) use our professional judgment for adjustments. If you don’t choose a font, the default font is the font used on the sample image online. Honestly though, changing fonts isn’t recommended because the workers have spent hours testing which fonts work best on a product. Additionally, if you do request a font change, please remember fancy and thin cursive fonts do not engrave well on glass or soft materials like felt.

Guidelines for Personalization:

1. Please enter and review your personalization carefully.

2. Enter personalizations on form as you would like them to appear with capital letters, lower case letters, numbers, punctuation, and characters such as { &, @, #, * }. If you type in all capital letters or all lower case letters that is how you want the personalization to appear.

3. If you do not choose a graphic, by default, the graphic shown in the picture will be used.  If you do not want a graphic, you must state so.

4. Initials entered like this “ABC” will be printed as such. Initial entered like this “aBc” will be printed in all capitals, but it’s understood the B should be larger than the “a” and the “c” like a traditional monogram.

5. Oval cufflinks will be engraved as follows: First Name Initial, Last Name Initial, Middle Name Initial, with the last name initial being in the middle and larger than the others. This is Traditional/Classic monogramming.

6. Rectangular cufflinks will be engraved as follows: First Name Initial, Middle Name Initial, Last Name Initial. This is Straight monogramming.

Most gifts can accommodate multiple lines of engraving. We do not have a character limit, however character size and product size will determine how many characters can be engraved.

Graphics & Photos

All graphics must be submitted in black & white, high resolution, jpeg or PDF format, or otherwise engrave-ready. We do not accept photos. Rule of thumb, if you can photocopy your graphic, in black ink only, and still make out the image very clearly, then it’s probably engrave-ready. However, if you make a photocopy and the edges are not clear or because the graphic (perhaps a logo) was multi-color and things just look wrong in all black, then your graphic is not engrave-ready, in which case, we will charge a nominal fee to correct.

Graphics must be submitted with the order. There is no setup fee if artwork is supplied engrave-ready.