We’d be hard pressed to find a more joyful time than the birth of a baby.  At Rion Douglas Gifts, we cover unique personalized gifts for not only the baby, but big sibling, grandma and granddad, too.  Gifts that the family will treasure and enjoy.

The baby’s precious name, birthdate, birth hour, birth weight, birth length and fun graphic of your choice can be engraved on an RDG Cube Baby Block.  Was every family member – including this one – born over Virginia soil?  We can engrave the state of Virginia on this soft grain wooden block.

Or, provide the baby with an RDG Personalized Rocking Horse with your unique choice of wording (i.e. ”Avery - Proud to be born on Virginia soil like all the Smiths before him!”)

Jumping rope either is coming back or has never gone out of style.  Why not recognize big brother and/or big sister with their own RDG Jump Rope with smooth wooden personalized handles?  We’ve got their favorite color and everything!

For when the baby eats at grandma and grandpa’s house, how about personalized RDG Bamboo Wood Engraved Baby Spoons?  We all know that food tastes better at grandmas!  We can carve up to four personalized messages -– one for each spoon.

Rion Douglas Gifts is honored to celebrate these milestones with you.  Thank you.

Betty’s Corner, January 2018